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An old hippy at heart, and a warming lentil dhal soup

I had a happy and thankfully uneventful childhood.  However, I cannot deny I escaped it completely un-scarred.  My Mum was a bit of a hippy at heart, but not the ‘cool’ (but not very practical) away-with-the-fairies-pot-smoking-flower-wearing kind.  More of the no-TV-until-I-was-five-only-cake-made-with-wholemeal-flour-and-definitely-no-biscuits-and-sweets type.  So, I had to watch You and Me at friends houses and eat … Continue reading

Pastitsio a-go-go!

Pastitsio Serves 4-6 A little while ago my colleague and comrade in arms in the egg and cheese powder world had a rather fun day out at a Somerset dairy owned by the Barbers http://www.barbers1833.co.uk/default.aspx .  Now, you may be thinking there are many more exciting  places to go that a dairy farm, but, believe … Continue reading

Tomato and ricotta tart AKA a cheat’s lunch

It’s always handy to have a roll of puff pastry in the fridge.  If you want to look like you’ve been slaving in the kitchen all morning in preparation for friends to lunch, or if you’re feeling fatigued and want something quick and delicious for supper, then popping any number of different ingredients on a … Continue reading

RQ* Fishcakes

In our house if something is described as RQ, it means *‘restaurant quality’ – high praise indeed, in my books.  So, when I presented these fish cakes to Mr B, the feedback of ‘RQ’ naturally left me with a warm glow inside, especially as they are so easy to make.  I found this recipe whilst … Continue reading

Monday night special

Yesterday was Monday and I was feeling particularly uninspired about the prospect of cooking a dinner that was quick and we would all enjoy.  And, quite frankly, I couldn’t face pasta and pesto again!  So, I texted my trusty friend Sarah (of Lewes), who has been parenting her two boys alone whilst her husband goes … Continue reading

A delicious and simple bread recipe

In Lewes, you can buy the most delicious bread, called Chewy Brown or Campaillou, which is a crusty, chewy, slightly malty, sour dough-type bread, delivered from some wonderful bakers in Brighton http://www.realpatisserie.co.uk/.  It’s quite expensive (£2.40 a loaf) and only really available to the good residents of Brighton and Lewes.  My dear friend Sarah always … Continue reading

Rubarb tart, a variation on a theme

I rustled up this delicious pudding, having been inspired by a recipe I tried a lot a few weeks ago from the Sweet Paul Magazine http://www.sweetpaulmag-digital.com/sweetpaulmag/spring2012#pg10 – I love this online magazine, full of wonderful design objects, recipes and interesting people, can’t wait for the summer edition! So, this is a variation of the lemon tart, using … Continue reading